An Update to this blog entry My surgery has been rescheduled for April 1st. Yes I do realise that is April Fools day and no I am not fooling you I'll be having the magic surgery that day. It will be good it's spring break week which means all the kids will be on an adventure with Gma & Gpa B and Mr K will be taking care of me.Mr K will also be taking off the 2nd week that I am home to take care of me and make sure the Bigs have some normalcy with the routine and school.Week 3 I'm hoping to be somewhat able to do things myself (keyword here Hoping). Anywho just wanted to share and let you know I'll be blogging a bit between now and then. I also plan to preblog Mad4Mav since april is Autism Awareness month and I plan to do my part to make a difference for the Dude.Maybe I can con Mr. K into helping me with that too he's not into the whole bloggin, MB, etc stuff but if I bat my eyes enough i think it might work. ok yammering over..


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