I'm GOOD!!

Yes that girl you see right there ME is good. We woke up at 7:24 am and i got all 3 kids & myself ready out the door and to school on time by 7:50. I thought for sure we'd be an hour late just getting ready and all (Mav had a shower and a poptart this morning too). To reward Miss A and I for our fab job this a.m. we went to McD's for breakfast. Now I'm researching diapers for the Dude ugh what a pain that is but it will work and he'll be ok with them.Gotta make phone calls, run errands, and take back some stuffs then I think I'm going to scrap for a bit before the Bigs get home from school. Oh can't forget I have to pack everyone's weekend bags too since their all going away for the weekend.Mr K and I have a date tonight woohoo!

Hope ya'll have a great weekend!Thanks for stopping by!



Heather Landry said…
Check into having your insurance pay for Mav's diapers. If they are over a certain age, insurance covers it for special needs. Jordan's diapers are completely covered. Also, I recommend getting ones that are meant to last overnight because they keep them drier. I hope you enjoy your date!

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