Monday, February 08, 2010


Saturday I had some time to myself so what should I do?hmm go thrifting & antiquing.I went to 3 stores with a little list of goodies that I was hoping to find but really didn't think I would.To my amazement i found what was on my list and more.I was as giddy as a school girl when i checked out with this box full of goodness.oh by the way I only took $20 in cash (i had back up just in case i found a must have)I came home with all that is in the photo except the typewriter and still had some moohlah left over. Here is a photo of my goodies. I have to give credit to the fab Mr. K for the beautiful typewriter he found me Saturday night while we were shopping in Grand Rapids he got it for a steal and made his wifey ever so happy.Loves him!!

Wooden Box of goodies: valentines, Bingo cards, joke cards, vocab cards, milk caps, a journal of experiments, old ice cream wrapper kinda like the one in the SC addon woot woot, boarding tags and a envie with photo negatives

1930's Royal typewriter that works just like it did in the 30's

now I have a little itch and a list of other goodies to hopefully find so my moms and I are going to go to a few more place this weekend to see what we can find.I'm excited!


Amy Coose said...

Wow, you did get a ton of great stuff! What a good hubby to snag that cool typewriter for ya!

*reyanna klein* said...

Holy Cow! This looks FABULOUS!! I'm wicked jealous. You hit the jackpot! :-D And yes, what a sweet hubby! :-)

*Paula* said...

Oh my! You are so lucky!! I would LOVE a typewriter like that and all those other goodies!!

PK 09 said...

Cool typewriter!

Keshka said...

Is it wrong to be this jealous of someone else's typewriter?