Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Conversation with her....

Lately the conversations with her have made me laugh. Here are a few... (She has lost most of her baby teeth so her adult teeth are coming in and they are big so she is kinda self conscious of smiling & showing her teeth but i caught her here. We had an appointment with the dentist he said that she may have to see a specialist for her teeth because her mouth just isn't big enough for them. Poor girl.We go back in a couple months to see what we're going to do)
  • The other night while watching TV that commercial for Willy Wonka candy came on you know that one with the Oompa Loompa that sings "Under the Waterfall.." ya that one so Teagan says "Mom we should paint Avery chocolate and send her to Mr. Wonka so she can work for him singing that song it would be so funny!" First he's Orange not chocolate T. Second Mr. Wonka would send Avery back because she totally would suck that chocolate waterfall dry. And Third you'd miss her . Fourth well we just can't do that! It made me giggle silly girl!
  • Yesterday we were chatting and playing around again so I ask her what's worse getting you hair pulled or your nose squeezed she says" I don't know your doing both right now" as she's laughing i let go ans she says definitely the hair that was a good one mom. Oops hope she doesn't try that with Avery.
  • Lastnight while Avery was asking me if we could go to Kortney's for the millionth time I replied "I'm going to send you to Kortneys" she proceeds to run down the stairs and tells Teagan "Hey Teagan moms going to sell us to Kortney" Teagan replies "hmm cool!" What??My first thought that came out was um nope Avery she would totally ask for a refund! I told you I sending you there not selling you!

Layout of Teagan's first Father Daughter Dance this past May using Studio Calico's Center Stage kit.

Kortney mentioned above is my cousin we are 7 months apart . Our kids are around the same ages.we're pretty tight. she just moved into our hood last week and the kids love that!Even Mav wants to go visiting.

My house is currently a circus there is always a show going on it's kinda crazy but oh so very interesting!!


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Keshka said...

Oh Mandy, I LOVE this page! So layered and detailed and stunning!