Still here really I am...(warning: photo heavy)

Yes really I am still here we've just been doing lots of family stuff.... . Like loving on him!We're all glad July is over and he's home not traveling for work. It was really hard for this wifey and very hard for Mav he's now got issues everytime Mr.K steps out the door.

He is going through a very challenging phase right now it's been so hard poor dude. He is waiting to hear back from the Dr about the date of his surgery nerves, tears and emotions have been running high here at the house of K.
Watching herDo this---> and so many other big girl things wow time needs to slow down.
She has been having fun playing with cousins, a getaway to Gma&Gpa's, riding her pony and dirt bike.She is ready to go back to school love that she loves school! She's growing so fast she'll be 8 next month and people already think she's a teen yikes.
hanging out with her and her crew bonfires, bbq's, just plan having fun and drum roll please
she is finally hooked on scrapbooking!Woot woot! We have been scrapbooking a couple times a week so much fun.
Watching the bug of the teenage love! These 2 are so cute love them both! We took about 200 photos the other day this being one of everyones favs!
Of course giggling along with these 2. They bring back so many memories of me and Kort at their age. Love that we live only yards away from each other and these 2 have lots of days like this!
Like I said I have been scrapping alot lately but every time I get the camera out it's to take pictures of everyone and everything else. I guess I'm going to have to add take layout pictures and upload to blog/gallery on my to-do list for this week. Hope y'all have a great day!


Jack Kung said…
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Keshka said…
Sounds like life is really busy and good! I need to get some IRL friends hooked on scrapping--what's your secret?
Aubree said…
Your family is beautiful! They must be a tremendous source of inspiration for you!!

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