Love them..

Love days like yesterday when I get to spend the day with these 2 and share them with Miss A. I love sitting and chatting with them.They listen, they give the best advise, and they make me stronger.
While creating this layout I had so much I wanted to say in the journaling but I didn't want to over do it. So I wrote what I always tell them and Louis I want a love like theirs, I want a marriage like theirs, after 50 years together they are still in love and have showed me what real love really is.Gma tells me when she looks at Louis and I it reminds her of Gpa and her when they were young oh how that makes me smile. I'm so very happy and so very lucky I found a man like Gpa. I love them so very very much! ok enough of my sappy side y'all have a great day. Maybe I'll be back with a sneak or 2 of the November 3 Scrappy Boys Kit if I don't blow away like Dorothy with all this wind and storms we're having here in the Mitten today.


Aubree said…
What a beautiful layout -- and hopefully you are blessed with all of the joy they have found the past 50 years!!
Mara... said…
this is sooo pretty!! What great journaling, so touching!
Kim said…
OOOO that paint effect with the butterflies totally totally rocks!!!!!

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