Here it is

my favorite find while treasure hunting yesterday with Miss A. As soon I saw this sitting by the door of the store I lit up because this took me back to my childhood. I use to cruise on a trike just like this at my Gma & Gpa's house. I loved that thing. I don't have much memory from childhood because I was kicked in the head by a horse at the age of 9 and had to have major brain surgery so my memory hasn't been great since then( yes I remember bits and pieces of things from my childhood but stuff like this makes the memory clearer). It drives Mr.K crazy sometimes lol when he helps remind me lol of stuff. But heck i think we all like to forget some stuff right lol. Another reason why I scrapbook so when I don't have the memory when I'm older Mr.K and I can flip through the albums and I'll remember even the smallest details.


Aubree said…
I don't remember my trike but I do remember my sister riding it...wonderful that you found such a treasure to remind of your youth!

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