October Already

Ok so i'm not a good blogger i admit it. I just am kinda boring like that i guess. well here is what's going on at the house of K.

Teagan turned 8 on Sept 26th she had fun and a great day!She got some cool stuff and had a sleepover too!FUn FUN FUN!

Teenie Bopper Jess went to Homecoming last weekend looked Beautiful!

Mav is doing good in school! I was stopped while picking him up at school yesterday by a mom of a former classmate she told me that she just loved Mav and that I'm so lucky he's mine! Yes I am very blessed by that little Dude!

Avery is Avery doing her own unique thing while hanging out with momma and testing me everyday little stinker!

Mr.K is good working lots and doing all his manly things!

And in September we added this guy into our family his name is Duke and he's a Boxer.Me I'm well me still going thru a lot of changes in my life but it will only make me stronger(i hope anyways)!I'm scrapbooking here and there,taking pictures, trying to get and stay healthy, and um yeah thats it i guess.

That's an update on us! Hope all is great with you!


Bettyann said…
came over from Kirsty's blog...you have such a good heart...

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