Hopping Down Memory Lane

We have a snow day here today so kids are home and keeping warm inside. I thought I'd scrap but then I started looking through my pictures on the computer and galleries that I love.That's when I see all the baby layouts & stories of friends that have had babes this year and how they have documented it all.. that's when it hit me why didn't I document more, why didn't I get a shot like that with my babies, why why why what was I thinking? Am I a bad momma cause I have forgotten a whole lot and didn't document it all and my babies books aren't up to date? I feel like a bad momma right now. Then I think ya know I wasn't into this scrapbooking/documenting life thing then like i am now, I had 3 babies and I was a young if I was a new momma now yes I would do it a little different then I did then. Have I forgotten a lot of things I would love to remember just so I can say hey here's what Teagan said dah dah dah , Avery blah blah blah ,and Mav did this on Tuesdays blah blah 2004..YES YES I have does it upset me YES YES it does very much so but what can I do about it now except pick Mr. K's brain and document our lives now? Not a whole lot just move on and smile. So that's what I'm gonna do smile and go create something.
Sorry for the pity party type post just had to get these thoughts and feelings out. I'm good now I promise.
Off to create and document right now!!Happy Monday hope your staying warm!


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