Hello December

Here in Michigan December came in the best way with SNOW!!Kids and Duke loved playing in it.It's cold cold cold!We have 2 weeks counting this one til Christmas break woohoo kids are excited as am I. I think we're ready for some late morning sleeps and sledding action. Mr.K will be off for Christmas and the day after which kinda stinks cause he wishes he had 2 weeks off too lol. Still trying to explain that life after school is totally different to Teagan she doesn't understand why everyone doesn't get to 2 weeks off and half days lol. Avery got to sit on Santa's lap and tell him what she wants for Christmas yesterday it was cute (yes she actually sat and talked). I have the Christmas shopping almost done thank goodness other wise I'd forget something lol. I am doing another December Daily book this year. I love to go back to December just to see what we did, what we still do, and whats new this year. Mav is Mav he's fascinated by the Christmas lights, likes some Christmas music, and is trying to present hunt in my closet.Miss Teagan has wrote her Christmas list which requires a bushel basket to carry, she's falalalalaing dancing around all the time, she loves laying under the tree and looking up thru it (oh how I would love to know what she's thinking but she keeps it to herself). i think maybe tonight I'll try it just to see what comes to mind under there maybe its a magical place or something ya think?

Til next time Happy December to all!!!


Mara... said…
Look at that snow!! Sounds like you are getting ready for the holidays...just keep that snow for yourself. LOL! :-)

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