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She is back to school and loving it. She got 2 teeth pulled over Christmas Break to allow some big teeth to make their way down so that she can get braces this year (she's ok about that). Loves her DS and music especially Taylor Swift.Pretty sure she is over boys right now too lets hope that lasts for a very very long time!She is currently 8yrs 4month old.

He is back to school too and it's going good. He's all sorts of lovey lately. Totally into to movies and computers. He's the the sunshine that brightens us all up! He is all about looking at peoples hands and checking out their veins (um eewww) everyone laughs as he does his test on them. He loves his jammie pants and Doritos still.He's a homebody. He is 7yrs 1month old.

She is totally UNIQUE! She makes me laugh, smile, and cry all in the same hour lol.She's a card shark! She plays everyone and is really good at old maid. She is mommas stick tight and very shy in public.She loves her baby dolls and pretties. She can spell her name too! She is 4yrs 11months and some odd days old her Birthday is this Sunday.

He is working hard. A wonderful daddy, husband, and friend. Makes me laugh and laughs at me all the time! Loves that show American Pickers on the History channel. He's just plain Awesome!! He is 31yrs 9months old.

She is a worry wart. She is still trying to get this life after Hysterectomy thing all straightened out its still a balancing act yep like walking on a tight rope. She is scrapbooking lots and enjoying it very much! She is also thinking about the Canon 7D on a daily basis after she held it in her hands and heard the angels sing lol. She is so not saying her age lets just say I'm a spring chicken with an old soul.


Mara... said…
I love your family round up!!! So much fun and I love the photos in black and white, too.
Keshet said…
Love this post:)

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