A #2 Pencil

A #2 Pencil and a dream can take you anywhere~ This layout was fun to create. it all came together first the quote then the photos and poof the layout. you better believe I have a #2 pencil in hand hoping it takes me here and there lol it's been a rough week at the house of K especially after Mav's procedure on Tuesday ugh so not looking forward to going back to the hospital in month for another one.Lets just say after this experience with Mav I think I am ready to go into a tiger ring cause he was one very disgruntled cat. my motto right now is KEEP CALM,STAY STRONG,&CARRY ON.

And now for your viewing pleasure a 2page layout by mememe aka me haha I make myself laugh.(<---this statement was not said in a snotty, uppity, I'm all that sort of way at all. I don't think I'm some great artist and blah blah blah I'm just a fun gal. so please do not take the "for your viewing pleasure" statement in the wrong way!)

#2 Pencil created using Studio Calico Kit

Off to have some me time before the Super Bowl that will suck the eyeballs out and glue them to the TV of one Mr.K. Who do you want to win? Me not carin but Mr.K said my getup today supports both team colors lol. Have a great Sunday all!


NormalToEatPB said…
I love it - totally great scrapbook theme, and the pencil isn't chewed up! Also, I hope the hospital treats you well. Pls stop by and read A Recipe For A Baby at http://normaltoeatpb.blogspot.com

Curlywiggles said…
Love this layout! I Love the simplicity of the first page and the way you pop dotted the letters on the second page.

I hope Maverick is on the road to recovery soon.
Amy said…
I love this layout!!!!
Keshet said…
Mandy, I am in LOVE with this layout! Truly, I would run away with it to the Bahamas. The design and details are so perfect!
Debbie said…
love the popped up letters. your work is so lovely. =)

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