Define Your Style

Every time I see the question what's your style? I get that oh no I have no idea what my style is because I'm a fly by the seat of your pants kinda gal when I create I go with the flow what ever happens to work.I always focus on my photos and add paper & bits that fit so today I'm going to say I'm a Modern Paper Piecing Mix. No there is no definition for that in the dictionary and google probably can't find it out there on the web either. So here you have it a Modern Paper Piecing Mix layout:
Clusters oh I love my little clusters.the title is heat embossed and outlined.Love love love the Fun House Ribbon Spool!

What would you say your style is?



Aubree said…
Whatever you decide to call it, I adore your style!
Curlywiggles said…
I love how you put that flower in her hair and the enlarged photo is fab with all those little clusters. Hmm I'd say my say my style is sporadic. Ha! I usually make it up as I go along and my pages are a mix of graphic/artsy/modern vintage I guess.

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