No i haven't...A House of K June Update

Fallen off the face of the blogging world it's just well...

First Mav is going thru this lovely phase that has us all on pins and needles. I think it's one of those age stages things(Autism and developmental delay) it's like we're going thru the terrible 2's right now. The Dude has lost all four front teeth and looks at himself in the mirror 97320981722356 times a day. My neighbors probably thought he was dying last night when we were trying to get him to go potty on the toilet oh it was fun but I did find he like this song from the new Winnie the Pooh movie which we listened to I think 9 times it relaxed him and he gave a little sprinkle to the porcelain gods. Yes its pure fun here in fairytale land!

Onto the next child Miss Teagan poor girl has Fifth Disease and spent the afternoon in the ER on Saturday trying to figure out why she has this head to knee rash going on. She's not a happy camper since she's been kept in the house away from everyone and out of the sun (makes it swell and look lots worse). Thank goodness its not itchy!!We did have some laughs about things having lacey patterns well never mind I jsut won't go into details but she thought it was funny I mean jeesh you gotta have some fun with it when you have this rash thing from here to there! Child numero 3 who gives me a run for my money daily Miss A!She's a total Punky Brewster! She is unique in every way makes me laugh, cry, and turn the locks grey all in the same hour. She has been playing outside lots Daddy put the tent up for her and Mav so they could "Camp" she loves it! She also wishes her sisters rash would go away so their summer adventures weren't so interrupted.She asks 849572342016 questions a day that I have like only a quarter of the answers for if I'm lucky.We've been walking with Sir Duke and boy does this chick come up with some witty stuff! I laugh and think where does she get it from? I can just imagine her when she's a teen!
Mr K. is working lots, being supportive, and researching everything he can to see what might help Mav. He is determined that we will get mav potty trained this summer! Me I'm just going to try the best we can no guarantees like everything is with the Dude. Mr.K planted our little garden and its growing.He's a pretty handy Dude to have around I must say! I think he needs a hobby but not sure he has time for it. He's not too sure what to think besides Cool to being in a national magazine this month. Me well lets see I am down over 33lbs on my weight loss. Still working at it my goal is another 17lbs. I can finally see yes see without the blur! I got my new specs on Monday . Mr K says I look like a school teacher I asked if that was one of his fantasy he just laughed HA! I've been having fun creating lately and got my box from Scrapbook Trends yesterday day with the June magazines in it. I was excited to see I had 2 layouts in there when I thought there was only 1. Um what else? I'm just me! Our 4 legged family members Sir Duke, Lady Foxy, and Queen Bitty are doing good. 1 is a fan of the heat the other 2 i think could pretty much live without the 80-90 degree weather we've had(me too!). Sir Dukes breaks of wind are still the worst and send us all ducking for cover. Lady Foxy is goofy and tries to avoid Miss A but A always catches her and they go off on some cool adventure. Queen Bitty aww what can you say about her? She's a talkative old broad always giving her opinion. For those that don't know Sir Duke is a Boxer, Lady Foxy is a mini Pomeranian, and Queen Bitty is a Jack Russel. Ok gotta cut this off. Have a great day all!~Mandy


Mandie said…
sounds like you have been busy!!! congrats on 33 pounds! that's awesome! can you come get my butt in gear? please & thank you! :)
lisa truesdell said…
congrats on the loss!! and hugs on the hard times and sick girly - hope everything is running more smoothly soon. love the glasses!
Jill said…
I hope your daughter is better! Poor thing, she must have been so scared.

It's awesome that you lost 33 pounds. Congrats!
Curlywiggles said…
Did Keane never make it over to America? You should check out the rest of their music for sure, especially their first album Hopes & Fears. Those boys are amazing live, Tom is a real performer.

Woo that is a massive weight loss, go you!!! I hope your daughter's rash dies down soon, poor thing. I think you look wonderful in the glasses!

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