A week filled with Awesome opportunities

Monday & Tuesday : Guest Star on the JBS Inspiration Blog

Wednesday: Card on HSN during the Epiphany Crafts Shape Studio segment

Thursday: I created one of my favorite 2page layouts to date but I'm not able to show it. Also connected with a new scrapbook friend I met in May.Hi Danee!

Friday: My Designer Friday projects posted on Precocious Paper Blog. Featured Artist over at Scrapbook News & Review.
<-----This is my project I shared over at SNR.

Thank you for all the sweet comments and support it really means a lot to me!!

In other news yesterday I went for my first eye appointment sine grade school. Got my eyeballs beamed at, tested, irritated, and in the end I ordered my first pair of spectacles which should arrive in a week. I then went to get my hair did it's shorter and lighter. Every time I get my hair chopped it looks like some shaved a dog bald there is so much hair on the floor. I'm just thankful for the thick locks I have. It's a bit curly now that it's shorter too. Anywho when the specs come in I'll post a pic for y'all.

Have a fabulous weekend! Mandy


Curlywiggles said…
What a fun week for you! I have loved seeing your projects here there and everywhere :)
Gina Lideros said…
awesome opportunities for an awesome girl! :)

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