It's 10:54am and what am i doing??

really craving one of these salads -->

sitting here catching up online.

drinking Pepsi Max

listening to Sir Duke snore

itching my eyes

looking like crap HA

watching cartoons with Miss Avery

have a million things swirling around in my head

waiting for Mav to come down stairs again

thinking I probably should get some things down see below

What should i be doing?

finish some projects that need to be done this week

make Mr.K and I doctor appointments because hello the papers to the insurance company have to be in by August 30th.

Laundry oh that is a never ending job

unload and load the dishwasher

probably should get dressed at some point today.

call about Harry Potter tickets for date night on Friday

make a grocery list for this weeks shopping trip

make plans to do something fun and adventurous with the kiddos that Mav will actually like and not scream the whole time. this one is taking lots of brainstorming at the present time since he's not much for leaving home.

a whole lot more but that's a good list for now!

ok now that I've wrote it all down I should actually get off the computer and go try to check some of that list off. Have a happy hump day all!


I went online to our theater website and bought them online. It was a Celeration! Cinema and i know you have one also.
Aubree said…
Hope u got some things accomplished...ECM if in pjs!
Aubree said…
Even if still in pjs :)

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