A few imperfect Favorites

I came across some photos that are not so perfect either blurry, over exposed, under exposed, not centered, closed eyes etc. whatever it may be I could probably fix some in photoshop but I really love them just the way they are. Perfect imperfections that have become some of my new favorites.Here are a few

What do you do with those imperfect photos? Do you scrap them as is or try to fix them in photoshop? Do you just delete them?



Danee said…
There are entire Flikr groups made up of people who use disposable cameras exposed to terrible situations-water, weather, heat- and then develop them to see what they get and post on Flickr. You might find space for our for your photos types. I love the photos that show relationships- even if not perfect.
Aubree said…
Scrap them!! I usually make photo strips or smaller prints but I love using imperfect pixs! Often their my face bc they have so much personality!
Aubree said…
S/b "fave" :)

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