Look at her!

Yes this girl has been doing so much in the last week and had a few firsts in her little life like..
learning to tie her shoes 10:30pm last night and is really proud of herself! She's getting so big hard to believe she'll be starting school in a month.

Her first concert on Thursday night! Boy was it a good first too she saw Taylor Swift. Miss A had a grin from ear to ear dancing, singing, waving her glow stick, and enjoying the experience. I actually left the camera at home because I wanted to take in the moments with her instead of trying to get the perfect shot. It was great but I do wish I would have had the camera now.

She's had so many other adventures too which I've been there to see it's so neat watching her do these things and all the words coming out of her mouth. She sure does make life interesting! Love you AEK!!

Those of you looking for the Precocious Paper notes book tutorial it's coming I promise!Look for it tomorrow in a post titled Tutorial Tuesday. I took the weekend off to be with the family and our weekend started on Thursday with the concert:)


Mandie said…
that's awesome, mandy! do you think you could send her to teach noah! that kid just seems resistant to learn! lol.
Briana Johnson said…
Aww, that's a great pic of her tying her shoes - makes me thing I need to try and teach my guy - but he's supremely stubborn! I am glad she's having a great end of summer - she looks just like my best friend when i was little!
Keshet said…
Exciting stuff! She's getting so big!

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