Tutorial Tuesday

Some of you might be looking for this tutorial after you saw the notebook I created on the Precocious Papre blog last week and others well you are just stumbling on this because you happened to take a look at my little part of the world. Anywho these books are really easy to create and fun to keep handy. You can use them for everyday, the kids, party favors,a wasy to use up scraps etc.

The Notes book I created for this tutorial

Supplies used: Patterned Paper, cardstock, ribbon, sticker, stampOn to the Tutorial
PhotobucketStep 1. Cut the pattern paper for the cover to size. This book is 4.25x6inches. Cut the inside pages to size. Again this book is 4x5.75inches. You could make these books any size you want.
Step 2. Fold all the inside pages and the cover.
Step 3. Layer all the folded inside pages into the cover.
Step 4. Using a sewing machine stitch down the middle of the book.
Step 5. To make the pencil loop fold the ribbon around a pencil adhere the ribbon together then to the book.
Step 6. Adhere the last page of the notebook to the cover.It covers the ribbon.
Step 7. press firmly on the back page to make sure it's adhered.
Step 8. stamp the inside pages with a date stamp so that you can keep track of when you wrote the note.
Step 9. Embellish the cover.
You now have a nifty little notebook!

If you have any questions let me know.



Mandie said…
this is SUPER cute, mandy!
Curlywiggles said…
Gina Lideros said…
love how you made the book, so clever!

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