Right Now...

Right Now 10:10 am...

I'm Wearing: comfy pants, Mr.K's shirt and my awesome red plaid boots(rocking a fab Monday look I must say!)

My Hair: is straight rockin the look of yesterday. me likes it!

Listening to: Bitty(our dog) speak her piece, the dishwasher and Mav sneak by with a bag of chips.

Sippin on: McD's Ice tea mmm

Munchin on: Lemon Oh's (not so yum but ok)

Thinkin bout: Lots of stuff as always my heads spinning with tons of info.

Waiting for: a phone call that will hopefully come in this afternoon.

Sketchin: some ideas for Design Team projects.

Proud moment: Still so proud of my girl getting Artistic Honors Award Friday from school!

Working on: grocery list, laundry, and maybe some DT assignments this afternoon.

Looking Forward to: Phone call from above and the kiddos parent/teacher conferences tonight.

Photo of Me Right Now:
Have a great Monday! ~MK


Alison said…
Nice list!
Alison xx

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