5 for Friday: Lovin These 5 Tools Right Now

Epiphany Crafts Round 14 Shape Studio I reach for this one over and over again even when I'm not suppose to use it I reach for it and have to put it back. its a must have ! Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher I just jumped on this band wagon and not sure how I help out for so long but I love this thing! The new American Crafts Knock Out Punches. Love these! Easy to use! Great designs! Martha Stewart Ballpoint Glue Pen. This one comes in so handy for me as I create projects I only adhere parts down then I go back to adhere everything and you can't always get into the tiny spaces with the big ATG or other adhesives so this pen does the job and is super tacky!!
Singer Featherweight Plus sewing machine or Old Trusty as I call her. This is one of 3 machines I have and to be honest the only one I actually know how to use. I can move this one from counter to counter anywhere I'm working and I usually always reach for it when I create.

Have a great weekend! We're off to live it up where a kid can be a kid and a mom can be nervous as hell hangin out with a human size rat but she'll do it if it makes her favorite almost 6yr old happy. ~MK


Danee said…
OMG did I show you that glue pen? I AM ADDICTED to using those with glitter. I can fill in whatever I want and simply add the glitter. I also LOVE Tiny Attacher and you know you love the Vagabond cause you saw mine in action. We are ringing you to the dark side aren't we?

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