just a few ChuckECheese favs

Remember I told you we were going to party like rockstars Friday night? Well we did with that big giant teenage rat ChuckECheese Miss A loved it! I have to admit it was a blast even with some of the words I heard come out of kids mouth holy potty mouths dude! I told Miss A um remember you don't get to use that word til your 18 ok... After the cheese fest we saw a late movie PussNBoots at Birthday girls request then went and bought a bug eyed black goldfish (that decided he'd ring her birthday in right and die the Monday morning damn fish). We had a few hours just the 3 of us on Saturday so we headed over to a small town to the browse the antique stores and just spend time together. We had fun! You're probably wondering where Teagan and Mav were and why they aren't in the photos right? well Gma & Gpa took them so that we could have some one on one time with the Birthday girl and make her 6th Birthday extra special. Mr.K and I loved doing this and have decided that this is a great idea and we're going to have Birthday dates with each of the kiddos on there Birthdays it was seriously funner(so a word!) then any birthday party I've been to(well maybe not any HA but most).We did have a small family get together this weekend and we'll still do that but I think this is our new thing.How do you celebrate Birthdays? DO you do a big huge tada thing? do you have a little shindig with just the fam?


Danee said…
I hate CC but I love the picture of your family playing Skee ball. I'm lucky that Chase has never even heard of it….no begging…no whining….
Briana Johnson said…
Oh cute, that first photo reminds me sooo much of a pic I have of my son at Chuck E. when he was like 2. I sounds like you all had a special time together! I like that idea. For a time we just did family get togethers but the Zane got to pre-K and realized kids come to other kids' parties, lol, so we had to do a party. We rented the bouncy place. Then we had another low key family thing. Your new tradition sounds great.
Kim said…
Oh My Happy 6th Birthday!
We bought one of those black-bug eyed fish and brought it home to our fish bowl and it was dead the next morning...the Wally World employee forgot to tell us that this type of fish needed not a bowl home, but a tank with a pump, and de-clorinate the water! That would have been some great information. Poor Bugsy! {That is what my kids called her} We decided on a Beta fish for our bowl. Beta can handle pretty much anything, but you have to de-clorinate. This is a great post.

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