It snowed in the Mitten

Yes it finally snowed in the Mitten state last weekend enough that we didn't have school on Friday and the kids were psyched that they could finally take a ride down the hill on their sleds. .On Saturday after Mr.K got home the whole crew headed outside for some snow fun.I'm not a big fan of the snow so I was one of the only ones pissing and moaning about the white stuff but I still went out just to have some fun with the fam. here are some fav photos I snapped.

My fav: These 2 giggling and yapping about something.

The more spills she took the funnier it got til I had to tell her to close her mouth when she got near the fence could you imagine explaining that one to the orthodontist "well we were sliding and she was giggling when she hit the fence that when the braces got stuck in....."HA

He was so happy playing in the white stuff.

This Dog absolutely loves to play in the snow & this time he got a whitewash or as Mav asked him "you carwash Duke?"He's always dozing the snow & roughing with Mr.K
Me freezing but smiling watching these guys have fun!wearing my favorite striped hat that needs a big Black flower sewn on it. Anyone know where to find one? Maybe I should ask Debbie if she could make me one she's Awesome like that. Oh Debbie :)This one wasn't in many pics she only wanted a few taken but I love this one. She likes the snow for a little while but I think she only goes out to play so she can have cocoa and marshmallows when she comes inside. That's my girl
Looks like we're getting another big blast this week.Ugh one is enough for me. Hope its warm where you are! MK


Danee said…
fun….cute pictures…love the one with hubby and son chatting. Snow is pretty…snow is pretty….snow is pretty….snow is pretty…keep telling yourself that.

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