5 for Friday: The small town girl who made it on HSN

Here are 5 of my projects that were on HSN during Epiphany Crafts presentation earlier this week.I have more to share but figured I'd show a few here and there instead of all at once.I still can't believe my work and chubby face was on TV. I get giddy every time I think about it.Miss A got all excited when she saw herself on TV she was jumping up and down on the couch.
If you missed the shows on Tuesday and would like to watch them you can see the 2 Videos HERE(oval&star tools)& HERE(square&round14 tools).If you don't have these tools yet you can get some great deals on HSN!

Have a great weekend!~MK


Debbie said…
u rock girl! big congrats!!
Danee said…
Is this the same small town girl who thinks she isn't craft? Cause I don't see that…I see a very accomplished crafter. Love the necklace. Love love love Avery's page.
Alison said…
Congrats Mandy!
Alison xx
Briana Johnson said…
Wow, what a cool experience, Mandy! These are just the cutest pages and that necklace is incredible!!

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