Today I thought I'd share my post from the Cocoa Daisy blog it's a couple tips/tricks that I used to create this quick and simple layout using pieces By The Numbers Kit and the DeweyDecimal, …count the ways, & EmbellishmentPack add-ons.

I love the Hambly Rub-ons in the DeweyDecimal add-on(sorry this one is sold out) and it's perfect for the single 4x6 photo layout i had sketched in my mind because it measures 6inches wide. To get the look that the rub-on was 11inches long I cut between the woodgrain and graph patterns.Then I moved the 2 piece to get the right placement(no measuring just eyeballed it on my craft mat) on my cardstock rubbed away then placed my photo between the 2 rub-on pieces.

Tip/Trick 2:

Y'all know I have a love for my 1920′s Royal typewriter and use it a lot well the ol girl is in storage right now(long story but we’re moving and things had to be packed) so how do I get my loved typewritten journaling with no typewriter? I downloaded this font and work the size and shape of my journaling in PSE. Once i have the journaling sized so that it fits my journal card i print on regular old printing paper. I hold the paper up to the light to see if the journaling fits the card space if not I rework it in PSE and reprint(sometimes it takes a couple trys to get it right).When the journaling fits and looks the way I want it to I adhere my journal card over the printed text.
Then run it back thru the printer and it looks like this when done.Voila I have that same typed look it just takes a few more steps than it would with a typewriter.

Another look at the layout and a couple closeups.

So there you have it a couple tips/tricks to try next time your scrapping!
Have a great weekend!MK


Danee said…
Ok so UM…why do I NOT know you are moving (though truth be told I assumed that is why you have been MIA)….UM why do NOT know you use PSE…. and thanks for the heads up on the font.
Briana Johnson said…
I truly love your work, Mandy. I love your clean pages like this one and the more embellished pages, you can do no wrong, my friend ;)

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