Pier 39 Sneaks

It's Sunday so its sneak time:) Here are a few sneak peeks of Pier 39 Cocoa Daisy's March Kit. Love the mix in this kit! And the stamps OMG so cool you don't want to miss them! I have to admit I was a little nervous about the colors at first but then when Nik Harper and I met last weekend for a crop I dug right in and started creating I even stamped on 2 of my layouts! Gasp I know right? And if you'd like to know what I used so far this month here's the list: Main Kit, Add-on 1 Boardwalk, Add-on Pattern Paper, and Prima Chalk Inks: Old Road, Tin Can, and Moss Lawn. I still have lots left and pieces from the other 2 add-ons so maybe you'll see a few more sneaks of projects before Reveal on the 28th. Speaking of Reveal come join us on the message board on te 28th starting at 4pm there will be some fun, some chitchat, and raks. yapyapyap get to the sneaks already right!
Thanks for taking a peek~MK


em said…
these look awesome :)
Erica said…
The stitching looks exciting!
Briana Johnson said…
OMG - seriously impressed with the idea to stitch around those letters - more texture and helps them stand out - you are so clever! Did you just join the CD DT? If so - big congrats! That is awesome!!
Gina Lideros said…
love the sneaks, can't wait to see the whole project :)
Wow! These sneaks look GREAT!!!

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