Cocoa Daisy Sprout Sneak Peeks

Just a few sneaks to share with you til reveal tomorrow. I've had a Sproutin good time creating with this kit! 7 layouts so far and have a lot more jotted down so hopefully I can sneak a few more in before tomorrow. Lovin the color combo in this kit and the stamps ooh buddy I used every one of them! Fer real everyone of them they are that cool!Speaking of the color combo this is totally a Mav month for me you'll be seeing alot of the Dude when these layouts are revealed. No it's not a boy kit I just kept grabbing his photos.There are a couple photos of the girls too you'll see tomorrow. Enough yappin right on with the sneaks already!
PS. I swear every time I upload to blogger my photos look like crap and they look fine before i upload. weird. Anyone else have that problem?


Tessa Buys said…
I fought with photos earlier today. Ended up giving up :(. Your sneaks do look great, though! I'm seriously considering subscribing.
Curlywiggles said…
Love that you are on the CD Team now! Can't wait to see your full layouts, really liking the colour combos you've got going on here.
danielle said…
that kit looks like will have some good stuff!
Kim said…
I actually deleted my last post with 2 layouts because my pics on my computer looked great, then I put them in blogger and they were so dark. I am happy to know I am not crazy & the only one with this problem. Well, I might be crazy, but ya know. Love the layouts!! I have that Rhonna Farrer chipboard and need to pull it out for a layout. Amazing work, as always!

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