Sproutin up with the Sprout layouts finally...

Lots of Mav this month. There is another layout from my April Cocoa Daisy Gallery but it was picked up for pub so I'll have to wait to share. I've been into 8.5x11 lately they just seem to come together rather quick and its my go to when I have a bit of a creative block. anywho onto to the layouts....

this is a part of his story
photos from Mav's hospital stay from Jan 2011. Most will ask why would you want to scrap memories like that? My answer its part of his story life isn't always happy rainbows we all have times that we'd rather forget but they make us who we are so they are just as important to document too.
go see enjoy
a few photos I had multiple prints of and need to use. Love that honeycomb stamp. I also flipped the pattern paper for a different look and I really like how it turned out.
Keep Unique
another Mav layout using one of my favorite photos of him from last summer. This is totally Mav being Mav he's such a cool kid and does things his own way like taking a pile of books to the barn and reading in a nest of straw.
This one is simple and fell together quickly til it came to hand stitching that border design. I almost gave up stitching after this layout but decided it was worth the time spent and looks cool.

Watch U grow
Love that "Grow" stamp from CD. I knew I wanted to use it and then I saw this photo and the journaling came to mind then the design then the title. Journaling is about how people tell me he's lucky to have me but to be honest I'm the lucky one because I get to watch him grow and have learned so much from being his momma.
Sometimes I just have to Stop....
Simple. Quick.and a reminder that photos like this make me stop and think about all those good times and why I scrapbook.

Thanks for stopin by and taking a peek. Have a great afternoon.~MK


em said…
These are all gorgeous. Seriously...every single one of them. :)
Danee said…
as always your work is so pretty
Briana Johnson said…
I love them all but I always do with you! I like how they are all your style but each one offers a little something different.
Alison said…
fab LOs...love the detailled stitching!
Alison xx
Curlywiggles said…
Yes, you should totally include pages like that in your album , it is a huge part of Mav's story! I have that honeycomb paper and have been struggling with it, but flipping it? Totally genius! And all that stitching was well worth the effort, looks beautiful.
leah said…
I love them ALL. ^_^ And yes - life is filled with lots of things. Not all of them cool or happy. But that's what makes our story.:)

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