This one time... Teaming up with

We have a new monthly blog post over at Cocoa Daisy called  "Teaming up with..." The idea came while we were in CHA. There were 5 of us, Stephanie, Denise, Sharmaine, Lisa and myself we all got dressed up, packed into the booth, and had a laugh in the ‘Me and My Big Ideas’ photo booth. We all have the same photo. Lisa thought it would  fun for all of us to scrap with this photo and see what we each came up with.So that’s how this new monthly feature came about.
So here are all the girls layouts.

Here is Stephanie’s layout.

Here’s Sharmaine’s.

Here is Denise’s layout.


And lastly but certainly not least my favorite little funky fairy Lisa.

That is one thing I love about Cocoa Daisy we are all so different yet connected in at least one way.  The Cocoa Daisy ladies are really good for this gal's soul.

Have fabulous Friday and be sure to come back for my crazy Saturday 7. ~MK


Lisa said…
This was such a cool exercise! You bunch are so fun, and I love each Daisy's take on the shenanigans captured on…film? Huh, just realized that's not the way to describe it! :)

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