This one time...It was already Saturday where'd my week go?

Yes, I think I shall start all my blog title with the: this one time... it makes me laugh because the first thing that plays in my head is the scene from American Pie where Michele tells Jim "this one time at band camp..." HA!! So immature but oh so funny so laugh!! ok on with the post...

So lets see what did I do this week that's interesting? Well....
 let's start backwards.

FRIDAY: Snowday for the kids. Movies & I created some fun stuff that will be posted so. I also got to Skype with my friend Kim Garner it was fun. I think it's going to be a weekly date.Got to talk with  D for a bit too. Missing her but I'm so glad to hear her voice a couple times a week. I got the Sweetest video text from my super fab friend Mandie Pierce. She's just so awesome in so many ways!!Totally made my day.

THURSDAY: wild goose chase to find this Sizzix Vintaj adapter only to find out no one in the area carries it. talk about pissed so I ended up making something else work. You can see part of what I needed it for in the above photo but that's all I'm sayin for now. While on my wild goose chase I saw this magazine. I still can't believe it when I see my work in print it just doesn't seem possible.Crazy! Started the Paleo diet again.

WEDNESDAY:For some reason I don't remember. I think this was one of my "Bad Days" and I slept a lot. then did the mom stuff after school.

TUESDAY: Doctors appointment oh how I remember this cause she just about sucked all my blood out of me. I was mad! Thank God my Gpa is a match so I know I can get hooked up with more blood if needed.Not so fond of the Doctors currently. But its ok. I rewarded myself with Chipotle for lunch. 
then this Dude and i had a little fun with photo booth apps on the phone to entertain us while we waited for the sisters. Oh and I have to point out tat I felt stylish with my little getup i wore that day. I thought oh Christine and Denise would be so proud.LOL they know their fashion and y'all know I'm totally CLUELESS

and i ended the night skyping with this goofball.LOVE My Sharmaine!

MONDAY: I slept the morning away. woke up did some work. piddled around then the crazy afternoon rush hit. I wore my super Fab boots even rocked them SoCal style with funky socks and leggings. I also too the test that all the other cool peeps on Instagram too so here it is.Think whatever I was just uh ok. 

and now on to today Saturday what will it hold for the family K? Lets hope that Mav and I sleep in as the other are off on an adventure which is all goes as planned Mr.K will have photos for me to share. cross your fingers he is a dude and he will have Miss A tagging along and she'll have a bazillion questions and be bored outta her mind so its quite possible he will forget the picture taking so then I'll have Miss A draw y'all a picture.



em said…
I think our archetype charts are exactly the same - like almost down to the percentage. ;) I just got a November ST box and was so excited every time I saw your layouts. ;)

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