5 for Friday: in 13minutes

So I only have 13 minutes left of Friday Feb.1st 2013 so lets make this quick....

1. Favorite Song at the moment is: Everything Has Changed By Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran

 LOVE ED!!I jam to his voice in the car, while I create, when I want to drown the rest of the world out his voice is amazing!! He's #2 on my Top Brits list #1 is occupied by Ade Abbott!

2. Favorite Drink: Cherry Coke Zero or if we are talking fufu drinks well then its a Lemon Drop

3.I had a wonderful date night with a grumpy lil 7 year old but all is good. We Targeted it, ate, sang, laughed, grouched, cried, and made it home in 1 piece.

4. I HATE the COLD weather we have been having! Dude seriously -7 degrees come on!!

5.I finally Skyped for the first time. Yes total knob here but hey i can scratch it off the bucket list.

ooh that's 5 and I still have 8 minutes so that means I did 5 for Friday in 5 minutes! AWESOME

Have a good weekend! MK


Kim said…
Let's make a skype date this week. I love that you skyped with your friend from across the world. Awesome. Sorry that it is so cold. I hated the cold weather in Iowa. Hated. Love this post. As always.
lisa said…
Love this post Mandy x
I want to cry.

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