Friday 5 Mav Style

1. Mav's favorite sayings: comin soon dvd & blu ray, You fired(i get this one when he gets mad at me), I not take anymore, yes, peez, Mom, Redbox? Mom, you, me redbox. He also has a couple words that are for 18+ years but like I had to tell Teagan the other day "Hey they are words and I'm glad he has words" yes I know that is bad but seriously when you have a child with barely any words when he says it's "bullshit mom" to leave home to go 15-20minute drive to pick up sisters at school I tend to agree that indeed it is bullshit. I also have to add I have never got a note home saying Mav has used naughty words so it's all good. Dude it's life, it's too short, and there are so many other things I have to worry about. Yes, I'll take you bad mom awards.
2. Mav's clothing choices: Athletic pants-the kind with elastic or PJ pants, T-shirts, Nike shoes(we found the perfect ones in the womens section and he loves them. it's really hard to find shoes that fit correctly because his feet still aren't perfect even after reconstructive surgery.), hoodies, shorts.
3. Mav's movies: Cars, Thomas & Friends, Winnie the Pooh ( I found the Merry Pooh Year on EBAY woohoo), Bear in the Big Blue House, and anything new at the REDBOX. He knows that Redbox releases new DVD's on Tuesdays so that is all I hear about on Tuesday after he's off the bus. 
4. Mav's favorite peeps: Momma allow I have been on and of his shit list since I cut my long hair years ago, GMA oh this woman is Mav's favorite by far! Gpa he thinks he's pretty awesome, Baby(Avery), Teagan they've always been tight because of their close age but they also go in spurts where they can't stand each other, Daddy he's been all over Mr.K lately.  He also likes some high school boys that he goes up to at recess(in our town elementary-high school are on 1 campus. seriously small town.the girls go a town over but will be changing in the fall).

5. Mav's Favorite things to do: watch movies, jump on the trampoline, sit and get into all of the cool stuff in moms scrap room, drive his sisters batty, play with trains, being outside, riding the bus, taking pictures, eating french fries and drinking coke, playing on his ipad and snuggling with the pups.
Happy Friday! ~MK


Lisa said…
Nice way to get to know more about Mr. Mav. And I am with you on the taking any words from him and celebrating that! One of my favorite parenting stories is from my sister: when my niece said "shit" one of the first times my sister said, "Well, I know she didn't learn it from me, cuz I say 'F#%K'." Lol!
em said…
Great post!! I especially love the last photo. :)

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