This one time... it was like senior prom

So I've made the analogy before about something feeling like the nerdy girl getting asked to the prom by the football quarterback...well last time it was the junior prom and in the end the quarterback dumped the nerdy girl with no warning, no phone call, no email, nothing just a laugh on Monday morning in the halls. She was heart broke sitting on the stairs in tears wondering why? didn't she know it was too good to be true? how did she fall for it? didn't she know better? I guess she didn't but  she did learn a lot from it!

SO a year later her nerdiness is back with a big smile on her face ready to announce that she got another fabulous offer and she's on cloud 9.


I'm still pinching myself about being part of October Afternoon's Design Team! It's totally real not a dream I have a bruise on my arm from the pinch and I am totally awake :) I have loved their products for awhile and I'm so excited to work with the fabulous ladies on the Design Team.
Thank you to all that sent their love and congrats yesterday when you saw the announcement!! Y'all are awesome and so supportive! 


Denise said…
Yeah! Congratulations Mandy. such wonderful news and you will rock it!
em said…
so excited for you!!
Lisa said…
So excited for you, Mandy!! And so excited for October Afternoon to have your awesomeness on their team! Woot-woot!!
you rock, and need to be told daily!
Danee said…
congrats--you need to get your cut/color whatever hair do that a cool friend of yours is gifting you and then get a new DT photo shoot for October Afternoon's blog.
Laura C said…
Wow - Mandy and OA - I'm excited! Love both of your products :0)

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