this one time... i have to say thank you

I'm sorry announcing the giveaway winner wasn't posted this weekend like I planned so I hope it's ok with y'all to go ahead and say all you supportive ladies that posted the kind words last week will each be receiving necklace or bracelet your choice from me. Or if you would rather have scrapbook items I can send those too.

 Crystal @ Serving Joyfully
 Summer Aiello
 Sharmaine Kruijver

 Here are some photos of the necklaces and bracelets i create.


Your necklace or bracelet can be personalized so if there is a color you love, a theme, an initial, whatever you can think of that might make you smile let me know in an email with your name and addy.  Please send me an email via the contact tab under the blog title HERE.

Again thank you for all your kind words of support and letting me share this part of our life with you!! I have some really long posts that I will put on the blog later this week. Hopefully i can downsize them so your eyes don't hurt from all the reading.  xo~MK


Don't you dare downsize anything!
Love your posts, long ones, short ones, say something, say nothing I DON"T CARE!!!! Just don't change!!!
em said…
What she said!! ;) No really...I love everything you have to say!!! And, you really don't need to send me have already been way too generous to me!!

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