this one time...Spring Break Staycation in photos

in no order and to be honest our days kinda meshed all together til last Saturday
catching up on school work after being sick for 2 weeks
nice weather well nice enough to be outside for a bit
he loved being able to get some fresh air and jump after being sick
ChuckECheese fun
relaxin on the comfy couch built for 5 plus 2 pups
more ChuckECheese: just the 2 girls, Mr.K & I had a couple days to get out while Mav went with Gma & Gpa for a few days. It was good for all.
Saturday morning we went junking. The only thing I found was a button and it's not this one.
Friday Night we saw the Croods. Girls liked it and so did Mr.K I was ready to go home.
We went to A&W for dinner one night. The girls love rootbeer floats
This was Friday on our way to Gma & Gpa's farm. See the Happy Dude in the backseat? He was so ready to go see Gma. I think he gets sick of his sisters bickering and loves the peace & quiet.   
Lots of puppy cuddles all week long.
 an all nighter
movie watching
 a few Mav moments
words lots of words
sleeping in and eating pastries for breakfast
a fun package from one of our fav British families

 me working and singing
finally got out my real camera instead of the phone to take some photos while we were all outside. 
All in all I think our Spring Break Staycation was pretty good. Relaxing & being at home
Will be back with more about Autism this week and hopefully a few new things to share & show you.


em said…
Love the pictures of you all on the couch!!! And...PUPPY KISSES! I want some!!!!
Lisa said…
I love Staycations! Traveling always leaves me feeling I need a vacation from the exhaustion of my actual vacation. LOL!

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