Day of Inspiration Blog Hop

HEY! Welcome to my stop on the Cocoa Daisy Day of Inspiration Blog Hop! 
If you've been hopping along from the start you should have came from the SUPER DUPER FABULOUS IE's Blog (You all know her as Mandie Pierce but she's my IE). If you’re starting here, be sure to go to the Cocoa Daisy blog and check out the rest of the team’s bags!
Some stitching, wordage, flair, ribbon, and the world map = an MK hip bag.  I really love how my bag turned out! It's totally me and I'll be carrying it wherever my travels take me.

GIVEAWAY: I’m giving away a pretty nifty prize pack that i don't have a photo of right now because it's just so nifty and growing. If you'd like to be entered in the giveaway please leave a comment telling me what your favorite saying is or what you catch yourself saying A LOT.
I’ll close the drawing on Monday May 6th at 8 AM EST. I’ll announce the winner here May 9th.
Now it’s time to hop along the bloggity blog hop trail to another MK the TOTES AWESOME

Here’s a list of the Cocoa Daisy Designers Blogs if you started in the middle: 

1.     Alissa Fast
2.     Anna Bjorkland
3.     Ashley Calder
4.     Denise Morrison
5.     Emily Pitts
6.     Jaime Warren
7.     Jody Ferlaak
8.     Kim Stewart
9.     Lisa Saunders
11. Mandy Koeppen

I hope my bag inspired y'all!~MK


Peg Hewitt said…
Super cool bag, must've taken you hours!
Ya know my kids always say to me "Mum, guess what..." so everyday I hear myself saying repeatedly
"you're mad and I'm not!" lol
Elina said…
Wow your bag is amazing!!!!!!!
I say a lot: πλάκα κανείς; which means are you joking in Greek ? I have been hearing lots of crazy stuff lately
BlessedinTexas said…
Oh my goodness, I totally LOVE your bag! Wow, amazing!! One of my favorite sayings that we try to live by daily is to always leave others better than you found them Be grateful for today, it is a gift! I also like CD on FB too. Happy NSD too.
Debbie Pereira said…
Amazing! This must have taken a long time! I love it!
Renee said…
That bag is amazing!! Love all the stitching!!! Such a great job!
Suzanne said…
This is absolutely amazingly beautiful!
Miriam Prantner said…
The stitching is AMAZING!!!! I love it! Oh, and I don't know that I have a quote that I say a lot....besides 'whatever'.
Lisa said…
O…M….G!!!!! You HAVE to teach me how you DO that!!! I recognize the world map stamp and the travel words from (I think) Heidi Swapp that were in last August's Santa Fe Sunset kit. And, of course I love the hearts in the places where your heart lies. :)
Katy Young said…
I love your bag! I say Holy Chalk alot.
Jasmine Ko said…
Oops I forgot to add... I say, "Seriously?!" a lot. :( Not a good thing, but I do say it often.

WOW! That must have taken you a long time! :) Beautiful bag.
sherba31 said…
Gorgeous bag. That stamp is a fave of mine. I say, "Listen to me the first time. Don't make me keep saying it!" I have a 5 year old who tunes me out! Thanks for the chance to win.
mforquer said…
Whoa this is awesome. Love the stitching and flair! Gorgeous
Curlywiggles said…
OMG MANDY, THIS IS STUNNING!!! You are going to look so great toting this around. I seriously love it.

No need to enter me in the giveaway, but something I say all the time is 'So' to emphasis. It's a terrible habit. eg. This is *SO* awesome.
Anne P said…
Just LOVE all your stitching. It makes me so happy to see someone as crazy as myself. :)
Ann Cicilie said…
Wow - you totally rocked that bag!!! I can't believe you did all that stitching!

My favourite quote is definetely "Do one thing every day that scares you" by Eleanor Roosevelt. I have that one hanging in my office for a daily reminder for myself :)
Pam said…
very cool bag ! I follow CD on FB.
Funky Finds said…
choose faith over worry is a saying that has gotten me through many a trying times! Jessica D.
Can you post how you made your bag? I'd love to make something similar!!! Thanks

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