Wordless Wednesday: October Afternoon & Thank You!

For Nik's Monday Challenge: Something Old, Something New, Something Stamped and Something Blue

 photo OALAYOUT_zps6ac56ab4.jpg

   photo OALAYOUTDETAIL_zpsfd9cee59.jpg 

   photo oA-sketch-LO_zps506e72cf.jpg  photo detail-OA-Sketch-LO_zps02145253.jpg 

I know I've been away for a bit and I want to thank you for still visiting this blog even with the cobwebs hanging around. I will share more about the real life nightmare my family has been living these past few weeks in another post...but for now could I just ask that you send positive thoughts and prayers this beautiful girl's way(I should have asked weeks ago). #iloveyoumome
 Thank you~ MK


em said…
Fabulous layouts! And, I've been wondering about your family (or whomever you have been posting about), but didn't want to be nosy!! Hope everything is okay!!!!
hugs, love, good thoughts and everything else I can muster is being sent your way and hers EVERYDAY.

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