5 for Friday: DJ Turn it UP!

Some of you have seen me post on Facebook every now an then that we have what I like to call "House of K Music Trivia" where Mr.K, Teagan, and myself find tunes and try to make the others figure out who the Artist is, what the name of the song is, and if you can sing it that's bonus points. i usually am the gal in the middle maybe the ref since I know mosts of the artists and songs both of them think they will stump each other with. I am also the gal that gets to shout out "DJ spin that shit!" which both Mr.K and Teagan think is hilarious because it's in reference to one of our fav movies 8 Mile(Mekhi Phifer says it during the battle scenes).  Here are 5 songs that were played this past weekend that stumped either Mr.K or Teagan.

Mr. George Strait
Teagan got this one wrong. I was surprised when Mr.K played the song he's not a big fan but he knows I am. I'll never forget my first George Strait concert OMG I was in heaven thanks to my friend Raina. I've seen him in concert a few times and I'm trying to talk Mr.K into letting me go to one of the concerts on George's Cowboy Rides Away Tour since it will be his last tour. I've been looking into tickets and the cities left I have friends nearby so I could fly in for the concert stay and leave. Wouldn't it be a dream come try to do that.

Run DMC 
both got it wrong

Teagan didn't get it.  Mr.K is schooling her on rock and she's real hip on it and getting very into some of his fans and some of the newer groups. 

Patsy Cline
Neither got this one either. I know it's really old but oh so classic and everyone should know her voice. 

This one neither got right which is epic fail on both parts. I love this song both know I love BoysIIMen.  This song is mine and Mav's song. I sang it when I was pregnant for him and when he was a baby. 

Other fails: Bruce Springsteen, Van Halen, Brandy & Monica, Tracy Chapman, Aerosmith,  Whitney Houston, Guns N Roses, Nirvana, Garth Brooks, 2 Pac, Bush, Snoop Dogg… some by her and some by him but I knew them all! I'm pretty good at music trivia but I can't remember shit from yesterday HAHA.

Have a great Friday!


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