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Today I thought I would do something a little different and to be honest not sure I've done this before. I'm going to give my opinion and experience with some of the paper trimmers I've used. Yes, opinions are like a-holes we all have them so mine certainly may not be the same as your and dude that's totally ok. I am open to suggestions and your opinion just leave them in the comments please. Let's get started.

*** I do not work for any of these companies! I'm just giving my personal opinion**


 We R Memory Keeper Trim & Score Board
I've only had this for about a week and used it a couple times before reaching for my Fiskars trimmer again. I'm really glad I got this free with my pub credits because I'm not a fan. I think it would be great for the score board part but not the trimmer. I liked that it has a place to keep the score tool. 
Opinion: NOT A FAN

Fiskars 152490-1002 Portable Paper Trimmer, 12-Inch

This trimmer I got at JoAnn's with a 40% coupon thank goodness otherwise I may be just a little bit more madder than I am that after 2 uses it frayed the edges of my paper because the wire that the blade runs against was messed up. Seriously brand new and it was junk already!!  I did like that it was similar to my old rotary trimmer in that it had the flip out arm, the same measuring but it had that damn wire and it messed it all up for me. 
Opinion: NOT A FAN 

EK Success Tools Cutterpede

This was one of the first trimmers I bought. I got it while on a trip with friends in Kansas. I thought it was going to be awesome with that flip out arm that turned in plus it was kinda rotary without the cost. I liked it for a while but them the arm broke like with in months of purchase and then it started cutting wonky so it went in the cupboard and I'm not too sure I still have it. I also didn't like that the cutting arm flipped up instead of to the side like most cutters now do. Loved the color.
Opinion: NOT A FAN

Fiskars Portable Scrapbooking Rotary Paper Trimmer, 12-Inch 

This trimmer I've had for a few years now.  I really like that the measure arm can fold in and out so storage isn't an issue. This trimmer seems to cut the straightest so far unless the blade gets wonky. I've used this trimmer enough that the little orange feet things have fell off. I think I'm more of a rotary blade girl rather than the other blade kinda girl.  
Every time I think of replacing it I end up going back to it because I'm not happy with the new one. Opinion: FAN

X-ACTO Designer Series 9-Inch Trimmer, Guillotine Style

I have this trimmer. I bought it on the way to a crop a few years back after i left my trusty ol Creative Memories trimmer at home. After using this one that night the Creative Memories went in the drawer and this trimmer is the one that sits out and I use all the time! I love that it's 9inches rather than 6 and I can cut larger photos that I use all the time. Plus it's a bonus storage the clear top slides down and you have 4 separate compartment things to store pens and other little things. 
 Opinion: FAN


Fiskars 100580-1001 ProCision Trimmer

I do not have this trimmer and I have not tried it but would LOVE to!! I think this could be the replacer for my old Fiskars rotary trimmer. I like that it's big enough to correctly measure 12x12 but it also folds up for storage too. And you NEVER have to replace the blade?!?!

Cutterpillar Pro 

I've heard so much about this trimmer and would LOVE to try it. One of the reasons I haven't taken the plunge to buy this trimmer is it retails for $128.99+ which I think Mr.K might have a problem with especially if it turns out I don't like it. Plus the fact that it doesn't fold down so it would have to have a permanent place on my desk which I'm not sure I want to give the space up BUT I probably would if I got it cheaper or something :) wouldn't we all? HA

I know there are hundreds of different trimmers out there so please leave a comment with the ones you use or have used. Did you like them? Have you tried either of the 2 I haven't? what do think of them? 

Have a great day! I hope you have a paper trimmer you enjoy! 
PS. I think Opinion Thursday might be a new weekly thing. whatya think?


justem said…
Did you contact Fiskars about the messed up wire?? I had that happen twice (ARGH) but at least they got me a replacement quickly!!
Lisa said…
I have a Fiskars rotary trimmer similar to the one you have with the flip out arm. I love it, and had tried a couple different blade styles before I kicked them to the curb and decided I was a rotary girl, too.

That Fiskars ProCision trimmer is REALLY nice. I tried it out at CHA last year, and it is pretty kickass. Super smooth and it feels like the paper is just cutting itself with no effort.

I like the idea of Opinion Thursdays!! Fun!!

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