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Today I thought I would share a couple photos of projects and the EC booth from CHA. Many of you know over the last 3(***oops edited I thought it was 4 but it's 3years) I've been creating projects for Epiphany Crafts for their displays at CHA,trade show booths, and HSN.
I love working with Brian and Tricia!

It's been so fun! They get me and are always telling me how awesome my designs are(duh who wouldn't love that,right?!?). I've been able to travel some and I feel as if they have given me that little push that I needed in this industry. Thanks for that!!!

Together Brian and Tricia came up with the Epiphany Crafts Shape Studio which I absolutely love!
There are 17 different designs now. I have my favorites but I will leave y'all wondering which ones because seriously you have to pick one up and try it. I would probably suggest starting with one of the circles or square tools and bubble caps.

a pic of the booth from CHA-W 2014

This year Epiphany Crafts came out with the Chevron and the Butterfly. OMG when I got these 2 in the mail I about cartwheeled around the house. I LOVE both of them!!

**Crappy pics taken right before the hand off in the bad hotel light with an iphone.**
the butterfly

the chevron

I actually ran out of both shapes epoxies creating projects for CHA. There are lots more pics of projects from the booth floating around on the web. I actually didn't take any in or of the booth cause it felt weird to me since they were my own projects(i'm a dork like that!).

Seriously can't wait to see where this company goes next and continue this journey with them! I'm sure it will be AWESOME! Again thank you Brian and Tricia for EVERYTHING!!


Lisa said…
Those are the coolest things! I didn't quite "get" them until I was able to try it at CHA. So cool!!! I love the endless custom embellies that can be made, and the jewelry bezels are awesome!! Love that booth full of MK goodness!!

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