It's public again...

I've decided after 4 years of being private I would make Mav's blog public again. I have some butterflies about going public because I don't want my personal life or my child torn apart by some and I certainly do not need to be judged more than I already am but I need to share with y'all about Mav, daily life living with Autism, about being a momma, why I'm not perfect and may not be exactly who you thought I was. You see my life is not perfect and I will never say it is. To be honest I call it an F**ked Fairytale. You've read about some of our life here on my blog and if you know me personally you got the real deal. Being Mav's momma has helped form me into who I am today. I always say you don't live my life so how can you judge me or why would you say that?well this is going to give you a little daily insight into the shoes I walk, at times it's wonderful and then you'll see what hellacious days we have. So after reading this if you'd like hop over to M.A.D. 4 Mav .

Today is the starting go Autism Awareness month so I'll be sharing lots of Mavness on the blog here and there along with layouts of him. It will be me just keeping it real. 

Thanks! Have a great day!


TeenaBugg38 said…
I applaud you Mandy! I'm a mom of a young adult with severe Autism. I know your struggle all to well! God bless you!
Lisa said…
Love you, Lady!! You are a strong, loving, and fierce mama and the perfect mama for Mav.

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