Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tuesday Tuesday

Well today was a pretty ok day didn't get much done got caught up on the FH2S message board and posted some of my latest LO's. Teagan went with Great Grandma and Grandpa today. Oh I have to share this too they brought Mav a pair of those slip on foam shoes and he loves them and they also got him a xylophone he has been playing it all day long he even wore he shoes and took the xylophone to nap with yes I know I should have gotten pics but I didn't want to disturb him I'm sure he'll take both to bed tonight anyways. Update on Louis he went to the Dr yesterday for his knees and they said he might have some nerve damage I hope not but the wounds don't look good at all poor guy was in so much pain last night it was hard for him to sleep. He has to go back again on Monday so hopefully they will say its looking better, fingers crossed. I'm going to try to scrap some more tonight maybe get a couple LO's done.

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