Monday, August 14, 2006


Why is there always a storm brewing when life is sailing right along?Just when you think that you have reach the island of good that storm hits and mess everything up? WHY WHY WHY? Yes the storm has hit my sailing you see my mom is the storm that hit my ship this weekend and now the island of good well its a little out of sight. I told my mom what I thought about the last time she babysat and well she didn't like what I had to say because she was in the wrong which OMG no way she could never be wrong but she was this time very wrong. It's a long story to put it short and sweet my autistic son was outside by himself and no one was in sight not a good thing so I got a little pissed you might say and let it build up till this weekend and got it off my chest. You see I don't normally stand up for myself but when it comes to my children you bet your ass I will go out guns a blazing and let ya have it with both barrels no matter who you are!
Ok on a happy note I have been scrapping lately and loving my new creations! I have been jsut letting it all go and what feels good to me it what ends up on the layout and boy are they looking good not only do I think so but soem of my online scrappin friends have said so too. Here are a couple I did today and I have to say I love the one of Mav. I have been wanting to do something about him being Autistic and today was finally the day I got this done.
Even though my ship got hit by the storm this week is goign to be a good week because I will make it a good week. Gotta stay happy and positive! Happy Scarpping to you and have wonderful week! Ya know I don't even know if anyone reads this but to all those I think maybe reading it have a great week!

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