Happy 07!!!

Woohoo finally the start of the New Year. So excited about this year I know it's going to be a good one. So glad 2006 is over it was very eventful but not great stuf fya know what I mean.Christmas was so not good here at teh Koeppens either you see Foxy our little pomeranian was missing since Christmas Eve thank goodness she was returned a week later. Let me tell you that week was a week of Hell for Mandy, Teagan blamed me told me it was all my fault and she was so mad at me not to metion I was upset at myself too since i let her out I was devastated while she was gone. Mom and I once again aren't on the bestest of terms she really upset me and we had a spat during the Holidays too but I am not going to let the things she does get to me anymore I need to fodus on my family and myself not her or anyone else.The kids had a wonderful Christmas thanks to mommy & Daddy and Grandpa &Grandma Bursley they decided to play Santa again this year even though we got the kids lots of goodies they built yes built toy boxes and filled them with presents the kids were so suprised and excited to see the stuff when they woke up in the morning lol I think it makes the 2 of them (gramps and grams)feel young well they are young at heart but its funny to watch these 2 people get so excited about my children. We also hosted Xmas Eve here this year got to see Laci's baby and wow is he a big baby for real he is as big as Avery Ella is and she turns 1 in a week and he is only 2 months old.
I have been scrapping too need to get the layouts on here I do have a couple on the ticker that I created yesterday the titles are Snow Play and You are My Sunshine.Can't wait to get my Scrappy Girl Designs Kit this month it is goign to be a good one so pretty!!I have lots of ideas and creative juices flowing so they will be put to work tomorrow since Louis returns to work and I will have me time after the kids go to bed. Louis has been wonderful during his time off he is so supportive of my scrapping he has given me time and wanted me to scrap even when I didn't really want to he offered to watch the kids and give me my time.He also helped alot around here we got lots of things we have been wanting to do but putting off done. Love my man he is awesome!!!Gonna really miss him when he goes back to work.
Another scrapping related thing : I so want to meet Ali Edwards and thought maybe just maybe I could go to CKU since it is in Detroit this year but it is looking like a no go since it would cost over $600 to go. I had a good cry fest over this but I will get to meet her someday I know I will. I know if we had the moolah that Louis would take me he know how much I love Ali and all she does. So for now I will just keep reading her blog and emailing her.Oh and Jeri from SNC is going to CHA and said she would take my picture and get Ali's autograph and take a picture with her and my pic for me now how sweet is that? Jeri is awesome too!!
Well it's late better get off here and spend some time with Lou.


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