A little normal again

Louis went back to work so it's me and the jelly bellys again. It's weird to have him home for a week then he's gone at night again and I hate having him gone at night it's a good thing he doesn't have a job that takes him away on trips and stuff cause I would go crazy.The little turd bird Avery is having the hardest time with it since she is so attached to daddy and got even more attached over his time off. It's a full moon to so things are off for Mav one more time. It's really weird how the moon can through him off you can tell when there will be a full moon caus ehe acts totally different.Teagan is being a couch potato again watching Barnyard for the hundreth time lol it is a cute movie but not my favorite. In the last 2 weeks we watched alot of movies even rented some too. I love that movie Little Miss Sunshine it was so funny and sad and just a good story.Also have a new favorite actor Clive Owens man he is a hunka hunka especially in the movie King Arthur man I am totally hooked on the Knight talesnow, we watched Tristan and Isolde too that was a good one. It's funny because Louis went to one store rented 4 movies and he didn't get very good ones I have to say but oh well and I went to the stor eacross the street and all the movies I picked man were they awesome Louis agreed to that too lol.so Movies are my new thing love watching them!
So the Ali Edwards kit at Cocoa Daisy went on sale at 12am and sold out today before I could buy it and I wanted that kit so bad if you know anything about me it's that I love Ali, so when i found out the kitwas sold out i started crying and got pissed that I missed out but that is life I guess. I did email them asking to put me on a waiting list should they restock the kit and hopefully they will.haven't scrapped yet today and i am thinking that I really should so hope for me that the kids go to bed soon! Have to work on my January Newsletter for Scrappy Girls not sure where to start so I better figure that out here shortly too. Lots to do so I say see ya~

PS today was a historical day here in Michigan former President Gerald R Ford was laid to rest in Grand Rapids. We have watched all the Memorials services on tv and I have to say that is was touching He loved Betty so much and was a hell of a man himself. While watching all TV I looked at Louis and smiled and thought I hope 53 years from now we share a love like the Fords that would be awesome!! Rest in peace Mr Ford God Bless you!!!


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