that is all I can say this little man amazes me. I heard 3 words that I have been wanting to hear for so long but wasn't sure I would ever hear for the first time lastnight. Mav told me "I YUV YOU" It was awesome I have tears in my eyes and goosebumps on all over just typing this. I tried to video tape him but he didn't want any part of that so we videoed the wall and voice recorded him. I LOVE him so much and I am so proud!!! WOW!!

To all that are helping raise awareness about Autism all the support has been Awesome and I thank you so very much!!!


mcewen said…
Lucky, lucky you. I had to wait until mine was 7, but as lots of people pointed out to me, some are never going to hear it.
Best wishes
scrappinhero said…
awwwww M how great is that what a sweet lil guy!!! So happy for you

Scrapthatpaper said…
Mandy this is awesome news!! I know how much this means to you and I am SOO thrilled myself... So glad he put a huge huge smile on yoru face.. What a great gift! And its right before Mothers Day!
JoyLovePeace said…
Mandy, when i read this, i can't help but tear for joy for you... =) so happy !

Khristine said…
I can't explain how happy I am for you and your family to have heard those special words! I had tears and goosebumps still! What a wonderful little guy you have and I bet EVERYONE is his life feels the same! I know I do! I appreciate you sharing this special moment and sharing Mav with me!

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