Friday, October 26, 2007

I've had my moments.....

This week I've had my moments and I have to share this moment that Teagan and I had it was one of those oh my goodness she is 5 and I am the mommy of a 5 yr old little girl that is so smart and fun to listen too Gosh I LOVE HER!!! I picked her up from school yesterday after a scary thing happened we went on our way home ans we were chatting I asked how her day so she told me about Syrus this little boy her BOYFRIEND can you believe my little girl has a boyfriend so she goes on to tell me how they talk and sit by each other, they play on the playground together yesterday they rolled down teh hill da da da it was one of those moments that made the day ok, it made me smile, it made me so happy jsut to sit and listen to T talk and just be there with her awesome!! By the way she informed me today that she now has 3 yes 3 boyfriends lol.Can't wait to meet all 3 on Tuesday at her Halloween party. time up gotta run will share more about my moments later~

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