Thursday, September 18, 2008


OUch is what I have been saying for the last 24 hours ahhhh.... I got stung 8 times all over my body yesterday by bees when I put Teagan's pony back in the barn. Poor little guy got stung too. I felt like crap yesterday feeling better today. I swear I have the worst luck Louis told me if I didn't have bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all lol.

Sitting here at the Coffee House here in town my first time so neat I kinda like it easy mellow place. I wasn't sure what to order so I just picked some random thing dummy I should have asked what they thought was good cause this thing tastes kinda yuck. oh well try something new was my goal today and that is what I did.
Not much planned for today just gonna take it easy I think. Gotta pick Mav up in a couple hours then maybe a nap then pick up Teagan. Hope you have a great day!!


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