Thursday, October 09, 2008

How Cool

So I have a new friend and her name is Emilie Ahern love her work and she is an great inspiration not only on the artistic front but as a mom and woman she is awesome!! You gotta check her blog out.

Hmm life whats happened in the last month since my last post lol jeesh big L stamped on my head. ok anyhoo I have been hanging out with Avery on Tuesday Thursdays which has been pretty darn cool I think I am enjoying even the terrible 2s with her I dont think i was able to much with the first 2 i mean come on 13 months apart might have something to do with that. I was a bit busy lol but it was fun and i wouldn't change it. Mav is doing good at school and so is Teagan can I just say love her teacher she is a lovely lady she gives me a hug when she sees me and it starts the day off pretty good.
Louis and I ahve started something in the morning to help us start the day off good and reconnect our relationship(get your head out of the gutter its not xrated stuff) more since we go our seperate ways at 7 am for anywheres from 12-14 hours a day. we set the alarm to go off 10-15 minutes earlier so we can push the snooze once while we cudlde/snuggle and chat just a little time for us. its been nice. love it a good thing!
scrapbooking a bit mostly mini book s lately I loves them!! Right now I am doing the Ali Edwards a week in the life album got all the documenting and photos done just gotta put it all in an album. ALso took Stacy Julians challenge to carry a minibook of the now with me everyday. I have been inspred to supplie most of the women in my life with these albums too I have made a few and my goal is to have them all in purses by the end of the month. I gave teagans teacher one today she loved it said it gave her goose bumps so cool. Love sharing with others!

Ok long enough hopefully it wont be a month before my next post.

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