Thursday, November 20, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

This week has bee crazy heck what am I talking about this month has been crazy.Mav turned 5 on Tuesday the 18th he got some pretty cool presents. He is doing great. He had a neurologist appointment on Monday it went well but we had to schedule more tests. We have an EEG on Friday and then aother MRI on the 5th of December and a EMG in Feb. Kind nervous about everything but it will be ok. Girls are doing great gettng so big I swear clothes are only fitting for a couple weeks then they are outgrown. Louis and I did some Christmas shopping this week we have to get Mavs stuff and a few litte things left t get and we will be set. Looking forward to the holidays.
I have a couple more mini books to share but as you know I still need to upload I am really bad lol.
Anyhoo have a great day!

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